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Registered Clinical Counsellors

Irene Peterson

Irene is a certified Level II EMDR Trauma Therapist, specializing in trauma resolution with children, adults, and families who are victims of crime, physical and sexual abuse, family violence, and motor vehicle accident trauma. Irene also works with individuals experiencing grief and loss due to terminal illness, death, relationship losses, marital issues, and divorce/blended family concerns. Irene has significant experience with Aboriginal and Metis communities throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Irene's professional experience also includes working within the health care, hospice, criminal justice and foster care systems, as well as assisting with the adoption process at home and abroad. As part of her practice, Irene works with a variety of agencies and organizations, including: WorkSafe BC, Crime Victims Assistance Programs, Veterans Affairs, First Nations Health, the Residential School Program, and ICBC. Irene's clinical expertise is trauma, utilizing EMDR, Exposure Therapy, CBT, DBT, Emotion Focused Therapy, Grief and Loss Therapy. With a background in Nursing, Counselling, and Administration that spans more than three decades, Irene is passionate about providing her clients with the knowledge and tools to address life's challenges, and move forward with a renewed sense of understanding to promote healing. 

Irene can be reached via email: oron her mobile at 604-897-1462.

Sandra Dykstra

Sandra's warm and caring therapeutic approach facilitates her clients' personal progress towards healing. Sandra works with clients of all ages to help them with life's challenges, including depression, anxiety, conflict, family difficulties and life transitions. Sandra's specialization is working with victims of abuse, trauma, and also couples and family therapy. She is experienced in clinical approaches such as EMDR, CBT, DBT, and Emotion Focused Couples/Family Therapy. Sandra has a combined a background in Business Administration and Counselling Psychology to cultivate a deep understanding of change management, and is able to assist people faced with changes in their workplace environment. She also provides Clinical Supervision. Sandra is a service provider for the Crime Victim Assistance Program, First Nations Health Authority, the Residential School Program, and ICBC. Sandra is fluent in Spanish.

Sandra can be reached at 1-866-791-9131 (toll-free). Please visit for more details.

Melissa Redekop

Melissa specializes in the areas of childhood and adolescent mental health, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, oppositional and conduct disorder and other behavioral and learning disorders. She also has experience working with individuals, and families affected by ADHD, Complex Developmental Behavioral Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Disorder (and other pre-natal exposures), as well as Asperger's disorder. She is passionate about advocacy within various organizations, building parental confidence and finding creative solutions to challenging situations. She is available for consultations for organizations, as well as parents regarding advocacy, and organization navigation. She is trained in Integrative Listening Systems through ILS, EMDR, CBT, and Play Therapy.

Please visit her website for more details at

Lauren Henneberry

Sometimes our pain can become distracting, confusing and overwhelming; making it difficult to appreciate our worth and create meaning in our lives.  Lauren considers it an honour to create a space for individuals to experience healing.  Growth is more likely to occur when individuals are provided with respect, care, genuineness, and empathy---all of which Lauren strives to provide.

Lauren is passionate about reproductive mental health and she is available to support women and their families who develop emotional or mental health concerns associated with pregnancy and postpartum, as well as infertility, miscarriage, birth loss, termination and birth trauma. Lauren also works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, substance use, self-harm, body image and self-esteem related concerns.  Additionally, she has extensive experience working with the adolescent population struggling with various mental health concerns.

To arrange an appointment with Lauren, please contact her directly at 778-887-8401.  Visit for more information.

Charn Sangha

Charn is committed to providing counselling in a way that is comfortable, safe, open and supportive; she will walk alongside you in your journey towards wellness and change. Charn is available to work with individuals of all ages struggling with a variety of challenges: abuse, anger management, anxiety/worry, career/work guidance, chronic pain, depression, domestic abuse/violence, family conflict, grief/loss, life transitions, multicultural issues, parenting difficulties, relationships, separation/divorce, stress, substance use, trauma and PTSD.  Charn draws upon her experience and training in diverse therapeutic approaches and her work in healthcare in ER: Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Feminist, Anti-Oppressive, Person-Centered, Cross-Cultural, Strength Based, Trauma Focused and EMDR.

Services are available in English, Punjabi and Hindi. Charn can be reached on her mobile at 604-854-0702.

Megan Beck

Megan provides support to children, teens, and adults in the areas of anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, anger management, family conflict, and relationship difficulties.

Her approach to counselling is client-centered where she focuses on developing a strong therapeutic alliance and providing therapeutic interventions that are unique and specific to each client. Her goal is to provide a safe space for individuals to connect so they can work towards their own healing.  Her desire is to come alongside individuals to help them reach their full potential. There is no greater gift than for an individual to find their true self and to live their life with purpose. Megan draws on her experiences from working in both the educational system and treatment centers. She truly finds it an honour to work with individuals and to be trusted with their life stories. 

Megan can be reached on her cell 604-556-8285 to arrange appointments. 


Dr. Jelica Todosijevic, R. Psych

I know that it takes a lot of courage to reach out for help at times when we feel distressed, overwhelmed, vulnerable, confused, wrought with sadness, shame, hurt, guilt, intense worry... Some of us have been told or made to feel that we do not deserve better, or that we are not lovable enough, or smart enough, or thin enough, or strong enough, or funny enough, or healthy enough… Sometimes we spend years hiding the pain and the struggle for fear of being judged and rejected, or seek refuge in food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or self-harm to cope with the belief that we can never feel differently about ourselves or the world. In her practice Jelica focuses on helping clients to develop a different relationship with themselves - one based on acceptance, self-respect, and empowerment through understanding and addressing the barriers to building a more balanced and fulfilling life. That includes learning skills to correct the ongoing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional struggles, as well as working on understanding the origins of the beliefs and attitudes that keep us feeling powerless against repeating our negative patterns. Jelica uses person centered integrative approach to treatment (drawing from CBT, DBT, interpersonal, and mindfulness-based strategies).

For more information, please visit her web page at or contact her directly by phone or text at 778-233-0972


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